We believe in unique

At La Jewellery Ltd we are committed to bringing beautiful, truly hand crafted items of jewellery to the high street and, in this technological age, beyond. We sell our jewellery in boutiques, small chains and via the internet, choosing our market and advertising carefully to maintain our unique customer base, making what we sell accessible and affordable while still keeping it exclusive.

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We believe in fair

We think that fair trade should be an active policy in Great Britain as well as abroad and so we pay over minimum wage when we employ direct and a fair price per item on piece work. We also pay a 6 month bonus to everyone that works for the company.

Why? Well, because we rely on our staff for our business, they are our lifeblood and as such deserve respect for their creativity and their hard work, and like we said, we believe in fair.

We even pride ourselves on supplying fair trade teas and coffee to our workers!

We believe in “slow” (but not in our supply times!) or Life is for Living

We strongly agree with and support the “slow” movement principals and move closer and closer each day to “slow” goals – www.slowmovement.com

We do however believe “slow” should mean “prompt” when it comes to your orders!


We believe in our, and your, environment. We also believe in being honest (the scary bit)

We believe in and operate an ethical and environmental policy which we are fully committed to. This leaves us sometimes with difficult choices, in that we always cannot control where our suppliers obtain their goods. That said, we take great pains to research every possible avenue for every aspect of production and supply and we can guarantee that once with us, those goods are used within stringent guidelines, which include recycling and fair trade. The rest we are always working on and we hope you will come along with us for the ride as we explore how it is possible to run a very successful business without leaving any more impact than we must on the planet beneath our feet.

In short, our commitment to our environment is to use, wherever possible, materials and methods which have as little impact on the earth as we can manage. We won’t lie and say we can always be as ‘green’ as we would like, that is the nature of working with silver and silver suppliers and even the most environmental business must operate in a world which is not always sympathetic to its aims. However, we strive always to better our working practices and methods and we will continue to do so and we are encouraged to think that the larger we grow, the more good we can do. Each piece of jewellery is designed to last a lifetime and beyond – to be a treasured family heirloom, with a timeless feel.

So what does this mean, exactly? Words are just words, after all, so we thought it easiest to put together a short list to illustrate what we mean, to really ‘put our money where our mouth is’:

– We try, wherever it is possible, to use recycled products and deal with companies which have a sustainable attitude.

– We have purchased a solar panel for the purpose of charging our battery power packs so that we can utilise the sun’s energy to light our art studio.

– We grow several fruit trees and shrubs that produce an abundance of plums, apples, grapes, blackcurrants, redcurrants and gooseberries. We also grow strawberries, raspberries and fresh herbs for use in cooking and for our staff to eat while onsite (they have often been found sneaking about in the bushes!)

– We only use organic fertilisers and feeds and intend to plant a loganberry and fig tree this summer.

– We cannot grow everything, but we do believe in providing organic fresh fruit for everyone that works within La.


We believe in the future

We know we might sound a little bit mad and we know too that you might not want to know what we do with the garden outside the studio, or our rubbish, but we feel it’s important to let you see what we mean when we talk about our commitment to the environment and to sustainability, right down to the last apple pip, that way, you’ll know we mean it when we talk about the jewellery purchased from us being ethically and sustainably produced.

If we all do our little bit ….. a lot will change and as  D. Everett in The Columbian Orator in 1797, said,

“Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Oh and lastly?

We believe in you, thanks for reading…


standard packaging


At La jewellery we recycle all of our waste paper materials. Wasted paper is shredded and used for use as packing material within our order packages and sample boxes or it is used as composted material for our compost bin.

We also ask that customers return their packaging to be recycled.

All internal packaging is made from waste or recycled paper.

packaging for tiara lillie