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E102 – Jubilee Silver Earrings

E102 – Jubilee Silver Earrings

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The collective term Crown Jewels denotes the regalia and vestments worn by the sovereign of the United Kingdom during the coronation ceremony and at other state functions.

We at La Jewellery have created this petit crown in many different guises in a way of honouring an icon of the British establishment…from a simple necklace worn with a simple summer dress, to a spoon that any Royal surely would be pleased to stir their morning tea with!

  • Description

    Product Description

    standard packaging

    Hand crafted in the UK
    Made from Recycled silver
    Environmentally friendly – using Ecover Products, Organic lemon juice and Himalayan salt to clean
    Supporting small charities and individuals in the UK and abroad
    Small purchases are often flat packed when posting to save costs thus giving you the item at a more affordable price

    Some pieces are cast for us by our casters in Hockley Birmingham.
    They are a small family run concern and create for us without exception, the most beautiful replications of our work.
    We feel privileged that they have taken us aboard and feel in good company as their client list is endless.
    They produce work for artists such as Vivian Westward and The Queen.
    The castings are then hand finished and beaten to form our unique textured surface.