Random Stuff I Like … Jewels to make you look and feel good!

It’s Friday afternoon, and all I really want to do is look at sparkly stuff on the internet, and hope that someone nice will buy it for me. Here are the lovely things I’ve found so far (they are all either fair trade, ethically sourced or made in Great Britain). So not only do they make you look good, but you can have a bounce in your step and feel good wearing them too.

Bloom 1 - Copy

Large bloom (2)

Large bloom (3) - Copy

This absolutely stunning necklace is called ‘Bloom’ and I think it’s perfect for this time of year, with Spring trying to beat away the rain, and flowers bursting up everywhere. Both visually and ethically beautiful, It’s from a company I’ve only discovered today, La Jewellery by Lisa Anne and it’s all made here in Britain. As well as on the main site, you can also buy La Jewellery from the Ethical Superstore. Each of these beautiful pieces are made from recycled silver, so as to leave a minimal impact on the environment. Having lived and worked in Wales, Lisa Anne now lives in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, and she places a huge importance on her surroundings and environment. I think that explains why I found the look of this piece so close to nature. Lovely jewellery and wonderful people seem to thrive at La. It’s made me all happy and smiley.

Monsoon of Random

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