Review: La Jewellery Give Me Some Honey earrings


Of all types of jewellery, I adore earring the most. I love the way earrings moves around and can add a look of sophistication or bling, depending on what you fancy!
When La Jewellery offered to give me a set of Give Me Some Honey earrings for review, I could not stop smiling! I had a look at their website and fell in love with them. I do find the name of the earring quite unusual. In fact, the earrings are inspired by the acclaimed healing qualities of Manuka honey and the love of two parents for a child. They are perfect for casual wear or as a gorgeous gift.
La Jewellery is made from 100% recycled silver which is environmental friendly. I think this is a great idea of upcycling silver!
I rate the earring 5 stars out of 5. I love the story behind the earrings and it looks great for any occasion. It is light and small but it fits beautifully on me. The RRP is £19 which I think is very reasonable and good value.
There is something I would like to share with you. I have never known how care for my jewellery nor how to store them properly. It was great to pick up some tips from La Jewellery:
1. To keep your jeweller free from tarnish, keep it in your jewellery box, wrapped in a cotton or silk cloth.
2. Clean your silver and gold jewellery using an appropriate cleaning cloth and after every use.
3. Do not use harsh chemicals as this will tarnish the lustre of your pearls.
4. Remember to place your jewellery on last of all, as hairspray and perfumes can affect the look of jewellery over time.
Disclosure: I was given this product to do an honest review.

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