Bespoke Design Service

Needs something original and unique? You need our Bespoke Jewellery Design Service…

Lisa Anne undertakes design commissions from individuals, corporates and groups seeking absolutely unique and exclusive pieces of jewellery.

Items can be specially and exclusively designed and created for a loved one (or yourself), for a company or a cause. Lisa Anne has a long history of fulfilling commissions for notable individuals and have previously undertaken commissions for 10 Downing Street and the Prince of Wales.

Free initial consultation to ensure a perfect final design at an affordable price aaaaa

Our service includes a free initial consultation with Lisa Anne to scope your requirements and enable us to produce an item which meets your price expectations. Once the commissioning process begins we will produce a series of sketches of possible blueprints from which you can select your perfect final design.

Once your design is agreed the production process begins and we will produce an item which is uniquely for you. Depending on what you are looking for this can be a one-off or a “master item” for a design or a range.

Bespoke Design Service Features

  • bespoke designs can be undertaken for a single item, a “collection” or a “range”;
  • items are designed and created to order and will not be available from our catalogue except with the specific permission of the commissioning customer;
  • designs can be fashioned and produced from a range of materials and metals to meet a particular specification or price;
  • variations on the original design can also be produced—for example corporate “reward” jewellery can be made available in gold, silver and bronze or with variations on the stones;
  • bespoke designs provide great opportunities for fundraising through sales for charities and causes. La Jewellery are the market leader in producing and managing fundraising gift sales.

Our Bespoke Service is unique to you.

To find our more about our Bespoke Design Service either:

  • call us on 01584 876178 (+ 44 1584 876178 outside the UK);
  • email your business details to; or
  • contact your La Jewellery sales agent.