Silver and brass bangle shines from La Jewellery

FTBB01 Fair Trade Fair Mined Silver and BRASS BANGLE (6) - Copy

Nowadays we are living in a time where we are a lot more aware and in touch with what’s ethical and what’s not, and looking after the world around us is now a large priority. So when it comes to the little luxuries in life, like jewellery, it’s refreshing to find a brand that holds ethical matters such as Fairtrade close to its heart.

La Jewellery is one of those breaths of fresh air. Designer Lisa Anne embarked on this venture from her home in Wales, inspired by its stunning landscapes, as well as it’s mysterious and magical history of heroes, dragons, maidens and tales of King Arthur. With the brand’s ever-growing success, the majority of the pieces are made in Lisa Anne’s design studio in her new home in Shropshire, with smaller design studios in South Wales and Cornwall.

This brand is definitely one of a kind, with bespoke, hand crafted jewellery, and strong ethical values. La Jewellery is set on lessening our impact on the environment, whilst sacrificing nothing of quality. The materials and packaging used to make each piece are ethically and locally sourced, and a lot of effort goes into making sure that the methods of making the jewellery are as ‘green’ as possible. With a strong focus on leaving a ‘lighter footprint’ on the planet, La Jewellery also uses recyclable packaging and card.

Now when it comes to jewellery, there is a lot of controversy surrounding its ethics, whether it’s to do with the damage on the environment in which it is being sourced, or the effect on the communities who live there. But La Jewellery takes this all into account. I was very lucky to be sent the Silver and Brass Pebble Bangle from their Fair Trade Fair Mined Silver Jewellery Collection. Not only is it a stunningly unique looking piece, but I can rest assured knowing that it is made from a mixture of recycled brass and FairTrade FairMined silver. With the brand having a strong personal connection with the miners, it is possible for you to know where the gold and silver has come from, as well as the fact that your support helps build their community.

With Christmas quickly approaching, and the panic of present buying pushing its way to the forefront of our thoughts, this is a brand that you should definitely consider. With a wide variety of collections and styles, not only is there something for every occasion and taste, but each piece is individually hand-crafted, meaning that each piece is one of a kind. I for one am absolutely in love with my bangle, and having viewed the other collections, they are all eye-catching pieces of understated elegance that would bring class and beauty to any outfit.

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