La Jewellery Affiliate Scheme

Don’t need the Affiliate sales pitch? Just sign up… or more questions? See the affiliate faq

If you are one of the many fans, collectors and enthusiasts for Lisa Anne’s jewellery you can make money or get vouchers and bonuses to build your collection by becoming a La Jewellery affiliate.

La Jewellery typically pays affiliates 10% of the value of any sale they generate on any future purchase, including their own — which effectively means La Jewellery affiliates get an automatic 10% cashback on anything they buy just for signing up

La Jewellery affiliates earn money and vouchers by showing and talking about our jewellery online.

The La Jewellery affiliate programme comes with full support – meaning we can give you ideas for posts, quality photographs of our collections and really interesting stories about our collections.

You don’t even need a website. It’s very easy — as simple as cut and paste — to recommend us to all your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media or to promote us by email or newsletter.

If you are a blogger or run a website you can choose from our collection of advertisements (available in various sizes) to run online or alternatively why not run an article or feature about us? Features do particularly well when run on sites dealing with interests, causes and issues we support or for which we have a collection. We can supply you with ideas and images or even the complete text of original articles — quality content which can help build your traffic and earn you money at the same time.

Clicks and sales are all trackable online so you can see how each of your promotions are doing.

And we offer flexible payouts — larger sellers can take monthly payments in cash. But if you have a smaller following you can take your payment in products and vouchers. Plus by being an affiliate you also get can get paid on your own purchases — meaning you can get 10% cashback on anything you buy yourself — just for signing up.

Affiliate Programme — Sign up in seconds

It takes only a few seconds to sign up for the La Jewellery affiliate scheme. Just follow the affiliate sign-up links and complete the simple form to create our upgrade your account. It’s free and there is no financial commitment or minimum order. You can begin earning as soon as your application is approved (usually within 24 hours).

Not sure? Check out the affiliate faq…