Become an La Jewellery retailer partner

La Jewellery sells beautiful hand-crafted wearable art designed by Lisa Anne which is produced using materials sourced according to the highest ethical and environmental standards.                                                                                                                                                         TaraS-LAJewellery-02-lowresa

Our collections have an ethical edge but they are also very saleable.

La Jewellery offers highly-collectable and desirable, exclusive designer-made, ethically produced British jewellery at very affordable prices…

La Jewellery pieces have that jaw-dropping, must-have appeal which gets customers into your shop, boutique or gallery to make the initial enquiry.

But our jewellery also comes with an appealing back-story that will help close the sale.

La Jewellery offers exclusive signed pieces made in the UK by a top jewellery designer with a concern for issues your customer probably shares;

Lisa Anne collections have themes, subject matter and designs which are instantly visually appealing but which go beyond to spark the interest your customer in  lasting engagement which means repeat business — once your customer starts buying Lisa Anne jewellery they will keep coming back.

Many of our collections are inspired by causes and interests — environment, wildlife, architecture — which mean you are not just selling jewellery but a dinner party talking point which will attract new customers to buy;

All this combines to make La Jewellery by Lisa Anne very collectable and very affordable which means most customers buying for themselves or seeking a unique gift for a friend or relative will favour a Lisa Anne piece.

Open an La Jewellery Wholesale Account

We welcome applications to retail our products from all types of trader in the UK and internationally including (but not restricted to):

  • shops, boutiques and galleries;
  • online traders;
  • mail order companies;
  • hotel and spa merchandisers and display owners; and
  • party planners


To become an La Jewellery retail partner either

  • call us on 01584 876178 (+ 44 1584 876178 outside the UK);
  • email your business details to support@lajewellery.co.uk; or
  • contact your La Jewellery sales agent.


Wholesale accounts require a minimum order of £180 per purchase.

Check out out FAQs for more information

If you wish to trade at a lower level and do not believe a wholesale account is right for you at this time consider joining the La Jewellery affiliate programme.