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Many jewellery companies these days call themselves ‘bespoke’, producing beautiful work that is indeed to the customer’s specifications. At La Jewellery though, we like to think we take it a step further, to make bespoke mean ‘utterly unique’, ‘inspirational’ and most of all, ‘magical’.

Why do we think this? Well, come with us on a journey….

…Into the distant and mythical past of Wales, a land of mystery and beauty, where myth and history combine in the hills themselves to whisper of times gone by, of heroes and dragons, of ethereal maidens and of the most famous of all British heroes, King Arthur. All of this surrounds us as we work and, in the spirit of truly believing that what we produce should be as beautiful as we can possibly make it, we listen.


Our designer, Lisa Anne, lived and worked in Wales for 15 years and still has a small design studio there but has now moved to the county of Shropshire and she believes wholeheartedly in its magic, seeking and finding endless inspiration in her environment, in the changing moods of the landscape itself and in its old stories and hidden hollows. In her work can be found the chattering of the silver stream, the voice of Merlin and the sound of a hawk circling above the mountains. She loves what she does and in every piece she creates, she hopes to pass a little of that love onto you, the traveller who has found their way here.

Alongside this, Lisa Anne and the team within the company believe very firmly too in the tangible value of life and lessening our impact on the environment in which we live, while sacrificing nothing of quality. To this end, we always aim to purchase our materials and packaging from local sources and leave a ‘lighter footprint’ on this incredible landscape by using recycled packaging and card wherever possible.

Pieces are accented by fresh-water pearls, semi-precious stones and glittering Swarovski crystals in beautiful colours and shapes and we will always attempt to match your colour scheme.



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