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R59 FREE Lolita silver tail fin ring

R59 FREE Lolita silver tail fin ring

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100% recycled silver ring. Fully adjustable. tail fin measures approx 20mm by 15mm.

lolita was stolen from her Mother in the wild back in 1970 – She has remained in this small pool for 43 years … she must be the lonliest Orca in the world… an intelligent and sensitive orca, confined to the smallest orca tank in North America. This life means daily misery for Lolita, but big bucks for the Miami Seaquarium. And, even though her shameful living conditions clearly violate the Animal Welfare Act, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to hand out AWA licenses to the Seaquarium. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is outraged, and working hard to give Lolita the justice she so rightly deserves, which includes protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
All proffits from this collection go towards funding for Lolitas return to the wild …

  • Description

    Product Description

    ME198  Petit Beaten Heart (1) - Copy
    Hand crafted in the UK
    Made from Recycled Silver
    Environmentally friendly – using Ecover Products, Organic lemon juice and Himalayan salt to clean
    Supporting small charities and individuals in the UK and abroad
    Small purchases are often flat packed when posting to save costs thus giving you the item at a more affordable price

    Some pieces are cast for us by our casters in Hockley Birmingham.
    They are a small family run concern and create for us without exception, the most beautiful replications of our work.
    We feel privileged that they have taken us aboard and feel in good company as their client list is endless.
    They produce work for artists such as Vivian Westward and The Queen.
    The castings are then hand finished and beaten to form our unique textured surface.